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Nationwide Medical Transportation Services, INC DBA: Tri-Country Medical Transportation
June 15, 2018

FNBC Florida Anthony Caliendo 1200 NW 17th Ave Beach, FL 33445

Dear Anthony,
Debi and I would like to thank you for the successful purchase of our new business. You and your staff were on point and stayed on top of the transaction every step of the way and exceeded all our expectations. A great deal of thanks to Donna for preparing all the documents and making sure deadlines were met, and all parties were kept in the loop.

When we first came into your office and explained our past dealings with other brokers and the fact that we had spent money on appraisals and the deal did not close, you assured us and gave us your word that this would not happen in your case. YOU WERE RIGHT!!! Also in dealing with the banks that you do business with, it was a pleasure working with them and along with yourself was able to get the job done.

We can say with great certainty that you are our new business broker of choice moving forward and we are looking forward to growing our new business and re-listing it with you and purchasing other business as well in the future. We will also be recommending your services to all our friends and family and anyone who wants to buy or sell a business.

Sincerely, Andy & Debi

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