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Buyer Testimonial – Sandy W. CPA – Pompano Beach & New York.

Buyer Testimonial – Sandy W. CPA – Pompano Beach & New York.

While sitting in the middle of another dreary March snowstorm in Long Island, I was contemplating the purchase of a few different types of area businesses, when I came upon an internet ad for the “Sale of a building and accounting firm in Sunny and Warm South Florida, within walking distance of beautiful beaches.” I must say that while I was intrigued, was hardly sold on the idea at first. But I did put an initial call to Anthony Caliendo. Still, even after our first talk, I was not sold on buying this business, especially since due to family reasons, I had no intention of moving to Florida – thus, if this were to happen – it would be a “long commute.”

But Anthony is, I must say, a remarkable businessman and salesman. He does not pressure you, but he is persistent. He does not entrap you, but offers a multitude of suggestions on how the deal can work for both parties. And he is not limited by geographic boundaries – I think he believes that the whole world is in play to make a deal. And he understands that there needs to be a good chemistry between buyer and seller – but yet, is smart in knowing that too much communication in the early stages between the parties may not be so good – especially in my case – over the phone (when you can’t read a person’s face and could easily be misinterpreted). So communication between buyer and seller was assured of no misunderstandings, as Anthony was in the middle of all negotiations. Anthony took no sides – he was working for both of us. There is a genius in this ability, to know just what to say and when. And when I said to Anthony: “I don’t know how I could work this – living in New York and commuting in Florida”. Anthony had an answer as well: “You have many options here – you can take it as slow as you want or as quickly as you want. You can hire staff if you can’t be down here, but you can make it work with any other number of options; and you can rent out unneeded space or not.”

He has the experience and know-how to make things happen. Anthony made this deal happen – No doubt about it. If you want the best broker to be found, then I highly recommend bring Anthony on with his team – you’ll be in great hands. Sandy W. CPA – Pompano Beach & New York.

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