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July 26, 2021

Hi Anthony, 

I just wanted to send you my heartfelt gratitude for your relentless perseverance getting my business sold. There were quite a few obstacles that seemed to me that this may not happen. Your vast knowledge of getting deals done was a pleasure to watch. I learned a lot from you. In spite of all the obstacles you made it happen. Just when we were scheduled to close the deal COVID came out of nowhere and shut us down for almost 90 days and I really thought this was over. But 18 days after reopening the deal went through, amazing! Your knowledge of valuation of my business and your resource of other entities to seal the deal were invaluable. I also really appreciate our friendship that developed with you Kristen, and the rest of the family. That is priceless. I look forward to many deals in the future. You really are the Main Man. And please feel free to pass on my contact information to anyone for a reference.

With love and respect,

Gregg M Chapman 

The Island Fish Co.

Marathon Florida Keys 

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