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Buyer Testimonial: Tri-County Pavers

Buyer Testimonial: Tri-County Pavers



March 28, 2021

Dear Anthony,

Acquiring my first business. One would think the process would be daunting, challenging and even frightening to some. After inquiring about many listings with a variety of brokers, I quickly realized this could be a big challenge working through the acquisition process. I felt the brokers didn’t care, they just wanted a commission, didn’t properly vet their listings, didn’t really help at all. I was prepared to do ALL the work myself. Not with Anthony on your side! Anthony and his team are phenomenal. Period. They explained the entire process in great detail from start to closing, which immediately calmed my nerves, and held my hand through the process when needed. Anthony is very friendly and honest in every way. There was no misdirection, misleading information or anything of the like. A big advantage I found immediately was that Anthony only has quality listings that are appropriately priced. I felt comfortable making a full price offer. His team dug through the business very thoroughly beforehand, so when it was time to see the business for myself, I basically had a very good understanding of the overall picture. This was very helpful and made due diligence a breeze; especially when Anthony is there to help through the process. So, we made it through due diligence without any unforeseen issues and were smooth coasting toward a closing. This is where we ran into some issues that would have otherwise delayed the closing 2-3 months. This is where Anthony’s skills and experience was imperative. His thinking outside the box really helped solve multiple issues that were outside of everyone’s control. Without boring you with the details, we closed. I am now the happy owner of a thriving business and feel very good about the people who helped me get here. Thank you to Anthony, Kristen and the rest of the team!!!

Respectfully yours,

Chris Puleo

New Owner

Tri-County Pavers

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