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Doetch’s Glass & Aluminum CO., LLC
Sept 25, 2018 FNBC Florida Anthony Caliendo Re: Doetch’s Glass & Broward Door Sale

Dear Anthony –

We would like to Thank You, sincerely, for helping us achieve our lifetime goal in selling our businesses. We also would like to thank Donna too for her expertise and assistance in getting our paperwork detailed correctly.

From the first time of Hardy hearing your ad on W10D 610 Sports Talk Radio with Jeff DeForrest and your question “Are you tired of being tired?” … he felt you would be our “Main Man” broker. I had some doubts about a “guy on the radio” being our liason between 40 years of dedicated work and a simpler lifestyle. After one meeting with you, and presenting our company to you we saw a “light at the end of the tunnel” – and we knew we had found the right man in THE MAIN MAN for the task.

We very much appreciate your care and concern for our business regarding finding the correct buyer to enhance & carry on our business heritage and longevity in the construction field.

Everything in life happens for a reason … who knew that by Hardy listening to DeFo’s show, that we would be lucky enough to have you represent us & our businesses, successfully broker & close the deal and allow us to start planning our future.

Thank you Anthony, you are “The Main Man”! This has been a life changing experience!
Barbara and Hardy

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