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FNBC Florida LLC DBA The Business Broker Experts is a full services business brokerage providing professional services to business buyers and sellers. Our dedicated and talented full time brokers uphold the ethics and commitments of the FNBC brand that has made us the most successful brokerage firm in the transition of thousands of businesses.  WE DON’T LIST businesses, we SELL businesses!


Based in South Florida area, FNBC Florida, LLC DBA The Business Broker Experts, headed by Anthony Caliendo, “The Main Man,” serves Palm Beach, Broward, Dade as well as the entire state of Florida and nationally!  Allow “The Main Man” to sell your business for the MOST CASH with qualified buyers and the best lender relationships in the business!

Our Services:

  • FREE; no obligation business valuation ($2500 savings)
  • Expert advice on how to maximize and price your business for quick sale
  • CONFIDENTIAL facilitation of the entire selling process including due diligence, financials, listing and marketing
  • Thorough, selective and CONFIDENTIAL buyer qualification process
  • Facilitate entire buyer financing process to acquire the best terms with the best lenders

About Anthony Caliendo

Anthony Caliendo is a self-made man, entrepreneur, corporate visionary, leadership coach, motivational sales speaker and author of the multi-award winning, international best seller The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales and the highly anticipated Cracking the Code to Success co-authored with Caliendo’s mentor, Brian Tracy. To thrive in business and beyond, he has learned to look ahead, read and understand the trends and dynamic forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come.

Caliendo has proven success in sales strategy and corporate leadership, having generated hundreds of millions in sales revenues and trained thousands of sales pros in various industries over the past 25 years. Most notably, he is widely recognized as “The Main Man” in the mortgage business, architect of one of South Florida’s most successful mortgage and real estate companies and local celebrity regularly featured on TV and Sports radio.

He defines himself as an “outrageous and relentless sales professional.” With  his outrageous and relentless mentality, he constructed a fail-proof sales model encompassing specific skillsets and concepts that became the foundation of sales training for his brokers, salespeople and the sales staffs of his clients. The concepts and motivational themes of his sales experience inspired him to write The Sales Assassin and become a sales motivational speaker and sales coach to salespeople in all industries.

Anthony Caliendo, Business Broker

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