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Simple Ways To Finance Your Business – the FNBC™ Florida Way

Our sales associates assist with this vital aspect because it insures that the transaction will proceed in an orderly fashion. We have always provided this assistance as an accommodation to the buyer and seller. These free financing services are being offered by FNBC™ licensed offices on every transaction involving the sale of a business bought through our brokerages. […]

How Can I Value My Small Business?

There are a few ways to value a business: Asset Value: Calculate the value of all of the assets and arrive at a price for assets only. Discounted inventory value: Assess the current value of inventory and discount it for quick sale. Income Value (most common): The adjusted net income (net profit + owner benefit […]

7 Key Tips To Succeed in Your Small Business

Economic changes have occurred and business will never be the same. Business owners have needed to adapt and change. Being different helps to survive. The fundamentals are the same however. Here are seven tips for success: 1. Have a written plan. Going into business without a written plan is just a dream. Outline specific objectives, strategies, […]

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FNBC Florida is looking for "deal makers"; business-minded entrepreneurs who want to go out and create relationships in the community. You will use your experience to take a new company buyer or seller from start to finish.